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Masterpiece Jewellery
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        Private label Manufacturing/ Mass Manufacturers

Masterpiece Jewellery is the producer of lab tested Diamond, Gold and 92.5 sterling silver wholesale jewellery products. We totally believe in the saying that “QUALITY NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE”. Hence we are here to provide some of the best quality jewellery items to you at affordable prices. We deal in private label manufacturing as well.  Masterpiece has competent and creative designers who can efficiently deliver your designs according to your tastes and preferences. We manufacture handmade and casting products as well. So grab this opportunity and get started. Given below is the detailed description of what we manufacture, minimum order quantity, pricing of the products, quality, manufacturing and designing process and the packing of the goods.


What We Manufacture

Masterpiece Jewellery manufactures a variety of accessories including:

  • Rings
  • Pins
  • Pendants and slides
  • Necklaces
  • Any other item according to the requirement
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Special awards
  • Cufflinks

We also deal in handmade and casting products.


Minimum Orders
 Due to the complex nature of the jewellery casting and manufacturing process, a minimum order of 100 pieces or $ 1500 Net Factory Cost (whichever is the less) is required. But above 100 pieces we can manufacture any quantity of products that you call for. The order can go up to 100, 00 pieces in any one design as well.

     The cost of customizing, made-to-specification jewellery manufacturing is highly dependent on the quantity of the order, the materials used in the design and any special design fees required by our designing department. Therefore we humbly request that before calling for pricing information, please determine your requirements on the given guidelines:

  • Approximate quantity of the item you need
  • Precious metals and finishes
  • Target price(s)
  • Packaging ( if any )
  • Target date(s)
  • Whether drawings, virtual images, or physical samples can be furnished for the design process

     The factory that will manufacture your special custom-made jewelry items is the same that manufactures our beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendant collections. So you will receive the same high quality jewellery that we sell everyday.
     You may review current examples of our extraordinary quality products at our online catalog

NOTE:  Please do review hundreds of totally unsolicited comments from our worldwide clientele.

Designing Process
Our factory's designing department can develop a product using your input. There are three ways to do this:

·        You can provide a physical sample of what you need. We can either make an exact copy of it or we can make certain modifications if necessary.

·        You can provide black-and-white drawings (in scale) or virtual images that will be used to help create your design.

·        You can also send the colored picture of the designs as well as required specifications.


Any initial design fees will be fully credited to your initial order. Once a design is complete, you can re-order it as many times as needed without the extra cost or time required for the designing process.

Manufacturing Process
Before your order is submitted to the factory for manufacturing, you must approve it. It should be based on the following guidelines:

  •  the item's costs (you will have an exact cost at this point).
  • estimated time of delivery (to be sure that the process will still meet your target date) .


We can use your barcodes and packing material or we can provide special packing boxes as well. we are very flexible in this. It can be done according to your requirement specifications.


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